myAir ONE

You need to focus your efforts on output, profit and continuous improvement for your business.

Nederman MikroPul employs its own expertise and deep knowledge of Industrial Filtration, to support you. The myAir ONE program has the elements you need to improve equipment readiness and reduce the financial impact of filter operations.

We deliver better performance and lower maintenance costs by highlighting the areas of greatest concern and offering timely corrective actions. From Day One we will monitor improvements with Nederman Insight remote tools.

myAir MAX delivers a cost-effective service agreement relationship to continuously build reliability.

Find the right myAir solution for your needs

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Initial Assessment Activities (per filter)

  • Incoming and Outgoing Interview
  • Visual Assessment
  • Differential Pressure Check
  • Powder Leak Test
  • Pulse Valve Check
  • Pull Bag and Retainer

Spare Parts Review

  • Make and Model of Collector, Valves, Control, Bags, Etc.


Menu of Services

  • Bi-Annual to Quarterly
  • Assessment
  • Compliance Inspection
  • Air-Rebalance
  • Cleaning System Repair or Upgrade
  • Bag Change including
  • Bag Review and Advise
  • Structural Repairs
  • Controls and Sensors


Installation and Services

myAir MAX

The same as EXPERT but planned in a 3 year program with monthly payments